Must Not Like Trains…..

May 3rd, 1968, my son Stan 2nd had been born in Nashville’s St. Thomas Hospital the day before. Jimmy Capps and I had just finished our morning television show and Jimmy was coming with me to the Hospital to see the baby boy. On the way, we stopped at a toy shop and I purchased an electric train set. I dunno about you, but it just seemed like the thing to do at the time. When we got to the Hospital parking lot…well, that electric train set was just sitting there in the back seat throbbing..waiting to get out and play. So, Jimmy and I opened up the package and set up the train track and train on the hood of my 66 Cadillac, which seemed big enough to hold a real train… we got it all set up…track all laid out and the train cars all hooked up and ready…I was holding the cord and plug for the electric transformer control dingy in my hand…this very pretty Nurse, who had probably been working all night, was wore out and not in the best of moods…came walking by the car…I held up the electric plug and said, “Pardon me Ma’am, but could you tell me where to plug this in?” Without even slowing down, she said, “Stick it in your…….(expletive removed to protect the innocent, but if you were heading North…it would be on your South end) As she got into her car and peeled out of the parking lot, Jimmy Capps looked over at me and said, “Must not like trains.” Uh huh, them Southern Women got a way with words all right. stan





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