Mail Call

Some of my favorite mail from friends around the country and the world.  Write to me with your stories and comments and we will put them on the Mail Call sectilon for folks to enjoy… Stan

“At the Corner of Music Row and Memory Lane”…one of the best books every written about country music!! Couldn’t put it down…must read it again!” Norma Caviness – on Facebook

“I just finished your book Music Row and Memory Land. What a fantastic book. I loved reading the stories of country music and entertainers from the traditional country music years.”  Craig Loushey

“My name is Don Cowden. I recently ordered your book and CD.  A good package.  Sorry to say, it kept me up all night.

My wife read the whole book at one sitting (sleeping time).  I was trying to sleep. She brought the book to bed with her.  I can blame you for my insomnia?

 Thanks for the memories and produce some more great programs.  Would love to have a long talk with you.”

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