Rewind Back To The 40’s…

Mom’s family was a combination of Johnson and Wallis.  The Wallis kin came from the Tennessee hills, moving to Indian Territory in what is now Boone County, Arkansas in the mid 1800’s.   The Wallis’s homesteaded on top of Boat Mountain, clearing the trees with a cross cut saw, hewing the logs to build the log cabins.  The cabins were pretty rough stuff, and usually started out being one room, and as the family grew and … CONTINUE READING

Wars And Honky Tonks….

Classic Country Music started on front porches and under shade trees in mountain  people’s yards, just like the gut bucket blues of the Delta, and old time gospel in the backwoods churches. It was what those old timers did for entertainment of their families and neighbors.  In the Western regions, it was cowboys sitting around a campfire by the chuck wagon, telling stories and singing songs they made up.  That is why, for many years, … CONTINUE READING

Must Not Like Trains…..

May 3rd, 1968, my son Stan 2nd had been born in Nashville’s St. Thomas Hospital the day before. Jimmy Capps and I had just finished our morning television show and Jimmy was coming with me to the Hospital to see the baby boy. On the way, we stopped at a toy shop and I purchased an electric train set. I dunno about you, but it just seemed like the thing to do at the time. … CONTINUE READING

The Old Man And The Big Fish….

The old man had poled the flat bottomed boat up the narrow backwater slough, past the beaver dam, around the corner of the junction where another stream of water came in, keeping the water lily pads fresh and vibrant, bringing in an endless stream of bait fish for the large amount of fish that lived back in this remote area of River. He had first discovered this little hidden pocket of fish, back about 10 … CONTINUE READING

David, of the Psalms, the first Songwriter…

\As anyone that knows me will tell you, Hitchcock loves songwriters. The craft of putting words together with a melody to be able to tell a story in a song….now that is a God given talent. Let me tell you about my favorite songwriter. You know him well, you probably studied his songs (Psalms) in Sunday School when you were little. I know I did….. In all the Bible, David is my favorite, because he … CONTINUE READING

The Old Man That Time Forgot…

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Scars…..a road map to memories.

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