Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys…Jesus Loves Me This I Know…and other songs, I didn’t write!

The following is an excerpt for Stan Hitchcock’s Book Corner of Music Row and Memory Lane.  This was the late 40’s and early 50’s, I was just reaching puberty and radio was king ( I don’t know if there was any connection or not, but those love songs were starting to have new meaning)……particularly local radio which always had great live shows in the early morning, at noon and then in late afternoon.  I was … CONTINUE READING

Drive Ins, Rodeos and Strip clubs

We, who were living the Classic Country dream, in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, learned, early on, to sing our songs, play our music and do our entertaining, under extreme, and often, very unusual circumstances. Shoot, we didn’t care, we just wanted to do our shows, hit the road and go do another one somewhere else. It didn’t seem so strange to be standing on the top of the projection booth, at a drive in … CONTINUE READING

One Old Man And A Fiddle

It would be nice to think that, when WSM Radio went on the air in the Fall of 1925, that the Owners of the Station, National Life And Accident Insurance Co, would be such Fans of American Music that they would use their powerful radio signal to further the advance of our beloved music.   Yessir, that’s the way it worked, right?  Now, come on folks, can you imagine the Nashville Country Club set, the … CONTINUE READING

Mail Call

Some of my favorite mail from friends around the country and the world.  Write to me with your stories and comments and we will put them on the Mail Call sectilon for folks to enjoy… Stan “At the Corner of Music Row and Memory Lane”…one of the best books every written about country music!! Couldn’t put it down…must read it again!” Norma Caviness – on Facebook “I just finished your book Music Row and Memory Land. … CONTINUE READING