The Old Soldiers Parade

U.S.S. Bryce Canyon, “AD36,” in dock at Pearl Harbor. The old man had slipped out the back door of the Nursing Home, quietly made his way through the trees and out to the sidewalk. He lived in the old Army-Navy Home for Veterans, and had been there for a long time. He was in his 90’s, but still got around pretty good, considering the arthritis that had set up in about every part of him … CONTINUE READING

Staley Walton

Staley Walton with the Possuym Hunters, 1928 The old man was cold, on this December day, even in his long johns and wool socks, under his old bib overalls, he just couldn’t seem to get warm anymore. His old house, which started out being a log cabin that somebody built back before the War For Southern Independence, had been closed in with rough cut lumber, through the years, but the cold wind still found the … CONTINUE READING

Nativity Scene In The Ozarks

December 20th, 1948 Nativity Scene in the Ozarks When I was growing up, our family would attend two different churches that were close to our farm. One was a Baptist Church and the other a Methodist. I say our family, but it was mostly me, moving back and forth between the two. Ya’ see, the Methodist had a great young peoples group, and the Baptist Church was mostly older folks…so, I preferred the Methodist in those … CONTINUE READING

Grandpa’s Memories

Oh, Grandfather, What Were You Thinking?-Stan Hitchcock Consider the time frame, 1926 to 1946, and what History tells us about the challenges of life that those in that period of time faced. In the beginning of that twenty years, folks had only been out of the First World War, for 8 years, and now they were plunged into Hoover’s Great Depression, from 1929-1939, the complete collapse of the American Financial system, with people losing everything … CONTINUE READING

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Bridge Over Untroubled Water

The rivers and streams where I grew up in the Ozarks are a source of peace and solace to me in memory. I love to wade a good, clear and clean creek, the water running over the limestone rocks and gravel, below which is the still water where the bass lay and wait for food to wash down, hitting my soft plastic craw or worm with such gusto that your breath stops for a moment. … CONTINUE READING