Happy 4th Of July to Everyone!!

Late Night On The River Bank,  sitting here in the RV, in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, with the sound of fireworks still celebrating the 4th, having a bowl of Frosted Flakes, which is about as American as you can get. It’s been a marvelous day of small town America, flags flying everywhere, bottle rockets whistling and booming overhead, kids running and playing, teenagers gathering in close proximity under the shade trees, farmers who have driven their … CONTINUE READING

The Old Man And The Big Fish….

The old man had poled the flat bottomed boat up the narrow backwater slough, past the beaver dam, around the corner of the junction where another stream of water came in, keeping the water lily pads fresh and vibrant, bringing in an endless stream of bait fish for the large amount of fish that lived back in this remote area of River. He had first discovered this little hidden pocket of fish, back about 10 … CONTINUE READING

David, of the Psalms, the first Songwriter…

\As anyone that knows me will tell you, Hitchcock loves songwriters. The craft of putting words together with a melody to be able to tell a story in a song….now that is a God given talent. Let me tell you about my favorite songwriter. You know him well, you probably studied his songs (Psalms) in Sunday School when you were little. I know I did….. In all the Bible, David is my favorite, because he … CONTINUE READING

Wars and Honky Tonks…

Classic Country Music started on front porches and under shade trees in mountain people’s yards, just like the gut bucket blues of the Delta, and old time gospel in the backwoods churches. It was what those old timers did for entertainment of their families and neighbors. In the Western regions, it was cowboys sitting around a campfire by the chuck wagon, telling stories and singing songs they made up. War always has an effect on … CONTINUE READING

The Old Man That Time Forgot…

The old man stood in the shadows, back stage in the large, historic theater, leaning on his push broom next to the wheeled cart that held his cleaning supplies, listening to the loud music and screaming crowd. His arthritis was aching bad tonight, his hands twisted and swollen, and although he could no longer make the chords on his guitar, he could still hold the broom well enough to get by. He was lucky the … CONTINUE READING

Scars…..a road map to memories.

Of a morning, when I am cleaning up for another day’s adventure, my eyes seem to search out the old scars on my body, of past deeds, misdeeds, mistakes and lessons learned.   Old hurts, that leaves a scar to remember. I see the scar that cuts through my right eyebrow and up on my forehead….I remember driving my 1936 Pontiac sedan, which I had bought from working in the hay fields the summer of my … CONTINUE READING

The Old Soldiers Parade

The old man had slipped out the back door of the Nursing Home, quietly made his way through the trees and out to the sidewalk. He lived in the old Army-Navy Home for Veterans, and had been there for a long time. He was in his 90’s, but still got around pretty good, considering the arthritis that had set up in about every part of him that moved. His family was all gone, a son … CONTINUE READING

Staley Walton

The old man was cold, on this December day, even in his long johns and wool socks, under his old bib overalls, he just couldn’t seem to get warm anymore. His old house, which started out being a log cabin that somebody built back before the War For Southern Independence, had been closed in with rough cut lumber, through the years, but the cold wind still found the holes and cracks, and sometimes, of a … CONTINUE READING

Nativity Scene In The Ozarks

December 20th, 1948 When I was growing up, our family would attend two different churches that were close to our farm. One was a Baptist Church and the other a Methodist. I say our family, but it was mostly me, moving back and forth between the two. Ya’ see, the Methodist had a great young peoples group, and the Baptist Church was mostly older folks…so, I preferred the Methodist in those early years. Every year, the … CONTINUE READING

Grandpa’s Memories

Oh, Grandfather, What Were You Thinking?-Stan Hitchcock Consider the time frame, 1926 to 1946, and what History tells us about the challenges of life that those in that period of time faced. In the beginning of that twenty years, folks had only been out of the First World War, for 8 years, and now they were plunged into Hoover’s Great Depression, from 1929-1939, the complete collapse of the American Financial system, with people losing everything … CONTINUE READING